Wednesday, July 8, 2009


For my first blog comment I found a review of the film, The Hangover, from This blog gave the film rave reviews, but was sceptical at first. “The trailers were obviously very funny, and I had a fear that maybe the best stuff was in there… it wasn’t." I could not agree more about this quote. There are many films being made today that look great from what the preview shows us only to find out that everything the film had to offer was in the preview. From start to finish I thought the film gave the audience an accurate portrayal of how four random guys deal with being put into an anything but ordinary situation. This review makes sure to tell the readers that the film is rated R for a reason. This is a great way of describing a film. When people want to know about a movie they also want to know why it has the rating it does. In all I agree with the blogger's review of the film, The Hangover.

The second review talks about the film, Star Trek. The blog tells of a fantastic tale filled with action and adventure with a sprinkle of comedy and nostalgia. The blog then gets into a less than interesting example of why I think Treky fans suck. On the original ship there are four hundred crew members but in the movie there are eight hundred, really, is that actual important to the plot of the film. The idea of a film review is to watch the film for what it is. Stop talking about what the seventies sitcom had, because the film is not the show, it has its own essence. Sorry I got off track there a bit, I agree with the review, Star Trek was a intensely action packed Sci-Fi film that we can both agree should be watched by all.

For my last film, Observe and Report, I found a review that I can’t even begin to convey how opposed I am to. First off the person who wrote this blog thinks that because the film was not one hundred percent comedy it was a bad and confusing movie. He seems to think that a good comedy can not also be, at times, sad and depressing. I believe this film was great, one of the best comedies I have seen in a while. By creating a character that was not some slap stick one dimensional retard Observe and Report gives the audience a roller coaster ride of what's next. The main character is allowed to have different moods and feelings about what going on around him. The blogger did not understand that when a funny character has his hopes and dreams shattered the character becomes sad and the mood of the film changes for a bit. I guess this guy was waiting for the main character to fart inappropriately or get caught fucking a pie in every other scene. This review definitely irritated me, it is because of people like this that awful stereotypical films continue to be made.

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BeautifulMess said...

Was the review for Star Trek from John on TheMovieBlog? If it is that is really interesting that he would say something about the original show because I just finished watching his review of the new Harry Potter movie and he kept saying how he doesn't care about the its ok to compare the movie to a television show but not the book? Interesting John...

Anyway, about YOUR blog. Totally agree with you on both The Hangover and Star Trek-- two of the best movies I have seen all year. I have not scene Observe and Report yet, but I've heard just awful things about it. I LOVE Seth Rogen, so thank you for restoring my hope that it may be a good film.

Btw, if you loved Star Trek but don't like the crazy Treky-only fans, you need to watch this: